About me

Jessica Waddell

Jessica is an Akashic reader, psychic, metaphysical counselor, and holistic energy healer. She works to help people understand and clear karmic patterns and strengthen their energetic boundaries. She makes a positive impact on the world by showing empaths and lightworkers how to keep themselves safe and ground their Light so that they can effectively impact the world around them. 


Psychic Self-Defense for Empaths workshops and Pendulum Dowsing in the Akashic Records workshops are being held throughout 2020 at Crystal Visions in Hendersonville, NC and at Cosmic Connections in Mooresville, NC.

Coming Soon!

On demand classes for:

  • Entities/Attaching Spirits
  • Powerful and effective clearing
  • Psychic/Physical Boundaries ​
  • Empath/Narcissist Patterns​
  • Verbal/Physical Exercises​
  • Objects/Land Dissonance​
  • Pendulum Dowsing  ​
  • Balancing Energy